Apollo Bautechnik


We don’t only strive to maintain the quality standard of our work. Safety comes first in the electrical industry.

With a competent expert in the boat, we are the proud owner of an ESTI concession:

The secure supply of electricity and the safe use of electricity promote the economic development and well-being of our society. They protect the environment and the people.

These are the goals of Apollo Bautechnik. The aspects of safety, risk, quality, environment and ethics for products, processes and people are comprehensively covered.

To ensure the safe use of electricity, ESTI professionals are available to industrial companies, service providers, importers, trading companies, network operators and private individuals.

They assess the safety of electrical systems, installations and products.

The ESTI reviews and approves high and low voltage systems for public and private power supply.

As an accredited inspection body (SIS 010), the ESTI ensures safety and environmental compatibility in electrical high and low voltage installations.

The ESTI carries out the necessary investigations in the event of accidents and devises solutions to prevent such events.

Significant claims are registered and, where necessary, further investigations are carried out so that any material defects can be detected at an early stage.