Apollo Bautechnik

Fire protection measures / Structural fire protection

Fire protection is gaining importance worldwide. Of course, human safety always comes first. But even the high loss of assets after a fire damage makes it today a necessity to plan the structural fire protection to an increased extent in the various construction projects.

In addition to the direct damage caused by the flames, many additional indirect damage is caused by toxic gases, corrosive vapors and molten materials, which also mix with extinguishing water. Corrosion of machinery and equipment, smell and other contaminants often causes neglected renovations and renovations.

High-quality fire protection measures can significantly reduce the extent of damage in the event of fire. Apollo Bautechnik GmbH uses mineral and asbestos-free insulation materials and offers elastic cable insulation and pillar sheathing, as well as thin coatings for cables, pipelines, supports and beams, which foam when exposed to radiant heat (the so-called intumescent layer). Post-installations are possible at the foreclosures without much effort. According to the situation, mineral and other asbestos-free materials are used: Soft bulkheads made of fiberboard, which are coated in such a way that they foam up when exposed to radiant heat; Hard bulkheads made of fibreboard and mortar, special types such as expansion joints, etc. Apollo Bautechnik fire protection systems include specially manufactured doors, partitions, floors, sleeves and trapdoors, which may be coated and have an intumescent effect against the spread of fire and its effects.