Apollo Bautechnik


If we vouch for something, then for our chord groups!

Our well-trained employees are led by qualified construction-leading electricians. In addition to working as a subcontractor, we were able to shine with speed and quality in smaller private orders.

There are reliable, motivated and well-trained groups at your disposal.

From the short-term and professional reaction on our part, to the quick and uncomplicated for you completion and project support, you can only benefit.

In addition to the usual piecework for electrical companies, we were able to land some lucrative direct contracts for private individuals in 2012.

Thus, a wider range of possibilities has opened up and all the doors seemed open to creativity and the urge to prove. We could increasingly advertise with other offers; Painters and plaster work. We are slowly expanding our customer base with attractive business partners and only through our well-known flexible, fast and clean way of working. But we too are students in the eternal school of (business) life. And the motto of Apollo Bautechnik remains: Quality is about quantity. This is our lesson we learned in 2012. A healthy attitude and an absolute success concept! With this attitude, we are absolutely motivated to contest the 2016 season.